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Who We Are. Enthusiast Mobile Solutions Developer

10APPS selects 10 projects within a specific business sector. The goal of 10APPS is the quality of the entire solution for that specific business sector.
10APPS promotes diversification. Offering a number of applications simply gives a greater chance of developing one or more projects that really can make the difference.

Vertical Applications. The most comprehensive set of solutions for each business sector.

Human Resources 10 Applications
Main application areas covered are those related to Employee Assesment and Development, Skill Mapping and Communication.

Communication 10 Applications
Solutions have been designed to address both internal and external corporate communication needs.

Cyber Security 10 Applications
The approach to Cyber Security sector needs have been developed starting from a "communication tools" perspective.

Wind Energy 10 Applications
Solutions for the Wind Energy sector are mainly focused to support project managers and investors.

Hospitality 10 Applications
Hotel needs are split in two main areas: customer service and staff management.


Our Approach. 10APPS has set an end-to-end methodology to lead the development process.

Customer Brief

A kick-off customer meeting sets the goal of the entire project.

App Selection

The customer selects the desired apps from a set of 10 applications proposed.

App Customization

Selected apps are customized accordingly to customer requirements.

App go-live

Selected apps are delivered and, upon customer request, a relevant marketing material could be provided:

  • mini website
  • video promo
  • Many Applications. Many Sectors. Filter the application list by vertical sector

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